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This brave high-tech world of social media and networking fascinates me.

Free Download! Click here or on the News link to listen to the Prologue and Chapters 1 & 2 of my novel Ramon

My debut novel, Ramón, was released in December of 2011 as an Ebook. Click on the Books link to find out more details about the title and order information.

In addition to plotting fiction, I’m an avid AudioBook fan, and enjoy discovering the works of other novelists while driving or multitasking. I haven’t tried listening to fiction while working out in the gym, not yet, at least. You can find some of my favorite reads at and

 I’m new to Twitter and plan to discover ways to connect with others interested in Latino culture, Spanish, and our common, yet unique histories as gringos and Latinos in the Americas. México and its people have greatly influenced my life.

You can read more of my history and experience by clicking on the About link.


Ramon’s first review

I received the book from the Library thing offer and once I downloaded it to my Kindle I started reading it I was so held by the format and detail that I was unable to put the book down until I had completely read the book. This book held me from the first page until the very end.

Patricia Hackett "Tonya"


Mexican Bolero Composers

Some of the more popular boleros, or Spanish love ballads, composed in the last hundred years originated in Cuba and Mexico. The genre has evolved with each generation rediscovering the melancholic feelings central to the lyrics and melody, thanks to the voices of new interpreters capable of bringing the mostly dated repertoire of songs back to life.


Thanks to Social Media sites like YouTube, talented composers and performers are just a click a way. Given the complimentary words and performance this talented guitarist pays to bolerista Armando Manzanero, audiences will continue to discover los boleros for years to come.

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